How to Create a Resume That Gives a Great First Impression
A resume is your introduction to hiring managers and recruiters so they will consider inviting you to an interview. First impressions are important during any introduction. Make sure your resume makes a great first impression:

1. Your resume stands up strongly for you. Your resume should look hiring managers and recruiters in the eye and explain exactly what you do, have done, and will do for their company. Eliminate words like “capable of….” You either deliver what the company is looking for or you don’t. To say you are “capable of” performing is to hedge your bets: maybe you will come through but maybe you won’t.

2. Your resume is appropriate to the job. You would not expect raves from your host if you show up for a wedding in a clown suit. So why should hiring managers or recruiters rave over a resume that has little or nothing to do with their company’s expectations? Write your resume to fit the job you want (not the job you held last, but the job you are aiming for) with skills, accomplishments, and other information that speaks directly to the needs of a company.

3. Your resume stands out among the rest—for good reasons. Again, a clown suit will bring you attention at a wedding but probably not the second invitation you were hoping for. If you want your resume to stand out, forget gimmicks; instead, give details and facts that show your value to the company. Your achievements and work history are unique to you. Give yourself the credit you deserve by describing them clearly.

4. Your resume gets the once over before it leaves the door. When you are headed out the door for an interview, a friend will stop you if your collar is bent or your shirt needs tucking. Accept help with your resume: ask someone to read and proof it (manually, not electronically) before it leaves or give yourself 24 hours to develop a fresh eye.