What Recruiters and Hiring Managers Are Talking About Now
What Recruiters and Hiring Managers Are Talking About Now
One of my advantages as a professional resume writer and mentor for other writers is that I keep up with the latest in recruiting information and approaches. I share that information with my clients, so that they know what they need to do to make their resume stand out.

What are recruiters and hiring managers talking about now?

First, they are taking note of the surge in state laws prohibiting companies from asking about a job applicant’s current salary. There are several reasons for these laws. One of the most pressing is that companies often base their salary offer on a simple increase over the applicant’s current salary. An applicant may currently be badly unpaid (one reason for leaving a job) and that pay does not reflect that skills, experience, and education that the applicant currently brings to the job. If a recruiter or hiring manager presses you for your current salary, tell them what salary you are looking for. Your salary goal must be realistic; it should fall within the expected range for that position in that industry and location.

Second, recruiters and hiring managers are talking about corporate values. They are moving away from cultural fit—which often served as a disguise for “someone just like the rest of us.” They are emphasizing, instead, what a candidate offers to help move the company forward into the future, open up the company’s perspective, and support the company’s overall values (such as community service). In your resume, you should give examples of how you have worked with those from other cultures, added your perspective to a decision, or volunteered in your community. You want to show that you bring values and viewpoint to your employer.

Third, recruiters and hiring managers are recognizing that flexibility and autonomy are highly desirable benefits for employees. Today’s employees are happiest when they are trusted to complete projects in their own time in their own way. They want the flexibility to choose the software applications and technologies that will help them work efficiently. They want a better work/life fit, which could include telecommuting or flexible work hours. Do not be afraid to tell recruiters that flexibility and autonomy are important to you. Make sure your resume indicates that you have experience working independently as well as in a team and that the choices you make have increased your efficiency and productivity.

Your resume should show recruiters and hiring managers that you are a strong, confident candidate with the ability to help the company grow if you are given the opportunity. Robin’s Resumes® will help you communicate that and more in your resume.